Common Habits Found Among Students that Excel in Medical School

If you’re enrolled in medical school and are determined to graduate with first class honors, simply continue reading to discover five habits which the vast majority of high achieving medical students share.

Five habits which the vast majority of successful medical students share:

1. Successful medical students join study groups

Whilst you may pride yourself as being an independent studier, it’s well worth joining a study group as you’ll be able to target your weaknesses as within each study group there will be an individual who excels at the parts of your course which you may find difficult. By joining a study group, not only will you have the opportunity to work on your weaknesses but you’ll also have the opportunity to help your fellow students learn and to make valuable contacts. Lastly, you’ll also be able to discuss any newly released case studies which are relevant to your course.

2. Successful medical students make time to volunteer

Whilst successful students may have their plates full of obligations, most successful medical students also make time to volunteer on a regular basis. By volunteering at a local hospital or a local clinic, not only will you gain valuable experience for your residency application but you’ll also gain practical experience, which you can draw on in your written examinations.

By regularly volunteering, highly successful medical students also ensure that they don’t slack off when it comes to studying, as they know that they have obligations which they must meet and don’t have time to waste.

3. Successful medical students have exceptional time management skills

Successful medical students have the ability to successfully juggle their course load, with study groups and volunteer positions. Most high achieving medical students carry around a diary or a personal planner, which ensures that they never double book themselves.

One way to save yourself valuable time as a medical student is to visit MedWorks Media, a website which publishes a wide array of medical journals. If you ever need to complete an assignment and don’t have time to visit your campus’ library, you’ll find that it’s a life saver.

4. Successful medical students build relationships with medical mentors

Successful medical students seek out mentorships with professors or junior doctors who will able to give them valuable advice on their chosen career path. If your chosen college offers a mentorship program, do yourself a favor and sign up to your college’s mentorship program, before all the available positions are taken. As in most cases, mentorship programs work on a first come, first serve basis.

5. Successful medical students are goal orientated and adopt a long term perspective

Surviving medical student can be an ordeal, so it’s crucial that medical students adopt a long term perspective. Students, who thrive in medical school, have the ability to persevere when they’re struggling with their course load. If you can keep your eye on the prize, graduating from medical school with top marks, you’ll be far more likely to persevere with medical school, when you receive a result that disappoints you or have the urge to drop out.

So if you’re looking to graduate medical school with first class honors, it’s well worth taking the advice listed above as to succeed, it’s wise to follow in the footsteps of successful medical students.