9 Ways to Prevent a Migraine

Headache may seem like a minor issue considering the number of conditions and diseases a human body is exposed to. But, even a simple headache can turn into a severe and life-impairing problem. Migraine is one such form of intense headache which can trigger many related issues and cause uneasiness.

Here, in this post, we’ve listed some of the best ways to prevent and treat migraine.

1. Avoid Loud Noises and Bright Lights

Studies suggest that loud noises, bright lights, and sensory stimulation serve as common triggers to migraine. Avoiding visiting areas with loud music, driving at night, being in a movie theatre, or standing right under the glare of the sun can help prevent the migraine from triggering.

2. Food Choices Matter

Certain types of foods and drinks are considered to initiate headaches. These typically include chocolates, red wine, champagne, cheese, processed meat, and sweeteners. Keeping a check on the consumption of these food items can help prevent migraine to a great extent.

3. Maintain a Headache Diary

Many physicians state that maintaining a diary can help to identify things that trigger migraine in individuals quickly. Things that must be noted are as follows:

  • Foods and beverages consumed throughout the day
  • The amount of exercise done
  • The weather condition outside
  • Strong feelings and emotions a person witnesses throughout the day
  • Medications and their side effects (if any)
  • Number of times and the severity of the headache experienced

This can help a physician see a pattern and suggest necessary medications to subside any severe effects.

4. Hormonal Changes can Trigger migraine

Hormones play a vital role in how an individual experiences migraine. Studies prove that many women experience severe migraine or headache during or just before their menstrual period. They must take care of their diet and exercise during this time to avoid any hormonal imbalances and related implications.  

5. Take supplements

While there are many natural foods and beverages which can help keep migraine at bay, sometimes they’re unable to provide the level of nutrients needed to do the task. For this, adding certain herbs and minerals such as magnesium, butterbur, and feverfew to one’s diet can help prevent migraine and other related issues. Talk to a physician to know the exact amount of supplements one must consume to ease the symptoms of migraine.

6. Pay attention to the weather

Changes in weather conditions can extensively impact a person’s migraine condition. While high humidity and hot temperatures are known to cause headaches, rainy days follow the league. If the weather becomes uncomfortable, it’s best to avoid stepping out. In case it’s an emergency, try and take some medicines to prevent any severe implications of the problem.

7. Maintain a Healthy Eating and Sleeping Schedule

Fasting or skipping essential meals of the day can trigger migraine in people prone to the condition. Hence, individuals must ensure to eat within an hour of waking up and then every subsequent three to four hours. Both hunger and dehydration can cause a migraine to trigger. Make sure to drink enough water and try and not skip a meal.

At the same time, lack of sleep can also aggravate the symptoms of migraine. So, ensuring that a person gets at least seven to eight hours of sleep is imperative.

8. Avoid any Stress

Although humans do not have much control over stressful situations, they can at least control how they react to them. Migraine is a typical result of excess stress, which can further trigger many related issues as well. Adopting relaxing techniques such as performing yoga, meditating, and biofeedback can help reduce stress levels, in turn, prevent migraine.

9. Choose relaxing exercises

Exercising regularly is very important to stay healthy and avoid problems like a migraine. But, an extensive workout is considered harmful for the body. Try and not push your limits to the extent that the body starts to suffer. Opt for fun activities which not only help keep the body in shape but also prevents triggering a migraine.

Once a person learns to avoid things that can trigger migraine and plans ahead, they can live a healthy, spree-free and migraine-free life.