6 Most Prominent Indian Healthcare Apps

With the advancement in the field of medical technology, the Indian healthcare sector is progressing at a rapid pace, at par with the evolving medical needs of the country. According to many pieces of research, the size of the industry is expected to touch $160 billion by 2017 and $280 billion by 2020. Additionally, with people increasingly becoming dependent up on the mobile technology, more and more healthcare companies are coming up their own mobile applications that not only allow users to easily access medical information but also avail a host of benefits such as booking appointments with doctors, availing tests, checking lab report statuses and much more. But, the exposure amid the Indian public about the existence of such apps is quite low. Here, in this post, we have complied a list of some of the leading medical apps that effectively and efficiently cater to the needs and demands of the users and patients, and are still untapped in market.

Dr Lal PathLabs Mobile App

Dr Lal PathLabs is one of the leading diagnostic chains in India that marks its presence across the nation with a network of 150 plus laboratories, 2000 plus centres and serves over 12 million customers annually. The diagnostic chain has its own app running on Android that offers a myriad variety of services to its users. One of these includes its Report Software Programme. This allows patients to access and view reports on their mobile devices easily. The application offers the following features –

· Through this app, the reports can be viewed quickly with the option “Quick View”

· The reports are easy to understand

· Has the feature of “One Click Call to Customer Care”

· The app has an intuitive interface.

· The app is secure to use and transferred encrypted data to the devices.


Credihealth is a mobile app that offers its customers credible, reliable and detailed information on various medical ailments, doctors, hospitals, treatments, their implications as well as about post treatment care. It also helps in booking appointments with preferred doctors as well as aids in getting quotes from hospitals for various treatments. Through the app, users can additionally, avail a second opinion about their diagnosis or treatment method from specialists by simply uploading their reports by paying a nominal charge.

Credihealth’s mobile app also features a blog section. It showcases a variety of healthcare posts on different medical problems, their treatments, interviews by experts and much more.


Tweet2Health is a medical mobile app where patients can view the ratings and reviews of doctors and clinics in and around their locality. The app also allows users to search for clinics, doctors and hospitals nearby and in different regions of the city.

Furthermore, post treatment, patients/users can rate and feed reviews about the doctor/clinic/medical facility they attended or were admitted to, share their experience, interact with other registered members on the app’s discussion forum and gain points offered by the application.


While the above mentioned apps either allow users to look for medical facilities, doctors in their respective cities or avail tests and treatments from diagnostic centres, MedicExpress is a type of medical application that helps users to order medicines online. The concept is quite different and hence, expected to gain popularity in the coming times. Herein, a user simply needs to upload his/her prescription and place an order. Along with this, users can also order daily personal care essentials which will be delivered at their doorstep within a span of 4 hours.

To get a better picture, listed here are some of the key features of this application:

· One can order medicines easily and promptly by uploading prescriptions.

· One can also store the records of the previous orders.

· Apart from medicines, the app also features quick delivery of everyday essentials for the customers.

One can also avail discounts on each order.


Healthonphone is an online safe cloud service that allows users to store and share their health records quickly and most efficiently. Through the app, users can upload, manage, access and analyse their medical records such as prescriptions, diagnostic reports and day to day measurements like blood sugar and blood pressure for themselves and family members.

Along with this, users can also avail their medical records from the app’s network of partner hospitals and diagnostic laboratories .The users can get the centres directly from their account where they can manage and share the reports on a go. As far as safety of information is concerned, the app promises security of information stored. Whatever uploaded can only be viewed by a third person only when permitted by the main user.


Curofy is an online medical networking platform that aims to enable a smooth flow of communication between the doctors around the nation. With the help of this application, doctors can easily find other doctors, call them with a single click, share information and specifics with relevant doctors and collaborate on various types of cases.

Through the application, they can also look for their colleagues and acquaintances on the basis of special ‘filters’ for connecting with them instantly. Furthermore, with the help of this app, doctors can also read the latest medical news, interesting cases and stay aware of the current happenings in the healthcare industry.