6 Delicious Seafood With a Promise of Good Health

If you have heard a lot more about the benefits of eating fish and other seafood in recent months, then there’s a big reason for that. More and more people are discovering the amazing benefits that come with adding more seafood into their diets. Sure, people knew that eating fish is good for you, but we are just now discovering just how good it is. And it’s really great, let us tell you that!

Seafood is absolutely chock full of various vitamins and nutrients that are essential for your body’s functioning and development. For example, there is a ton of dietary protein, Vitamin D, and omega-3 fatty acids that are going to give a huge boost to your health. It’s been recommended by various medical organizations that everybody should be aiming to have at least 2 portions of seafood every week for a healthy heart and a well-functioning body. This is being said to drastically reduce your risk for contracting heart disease and other nasty heart conditions. Keep reading down below to get some ideas of which seafood you should add to your diet and what exact benefits they will bring to you.

1. Salmon

First of all, we have one of the most popular seafood items to add to your diet – salmon. Salmon is one of those foods that you can have for any meal of the day. You can add some to your toast in the morning or have a nice seared salmon with lemon for dinner. It’s an extremely versatile food that many people might already have in their diet.

However, if you don’t have salmon in your diet already, we’re going to convince you that it’s a good idea to add it. Salmon is a super fatty fish – in a good way! The omega-3 fatty acids that come with a nice portion of salmon is amazing for your body and brain. These acids are especially important in the brain development of babies and young children, so make sure your kids are getting salmon in their meals! This goes for adults too, as an increase in omega-3 fatty acids are correlated to increased brain functioning and cognitive development in adults, in all, it is one smart food for the smarter you! Salmon is also going to be low in mercury, which means it’s a safer fish to eat for pregnant women and children than other seafood that might be higher in mercury.

2. Canned, Light Tuna

Now, when thinking about your seafood options, you probably think about canned tuna as one of your best and easiest options. However, you might also be wondering if tuna that comes in a can is really that healthy for you. Well, we have some good news for you! Not only is canned, light tuna going to come packed with those omega-3 fatty acids that we just discussed, it’s also a seafood that’s low in dangerous mercury. This means that tuna sandwich that you eat for lunch is giving your body is a serious boost in healthy nutrients. Even though most tuna is low in mercury, there are some breeds that are higher in the element. That’s why most major medical associations recommend that pregnant and nursing women limit their intake of tuna during the week to 6 ounces.

3. Caviar

When talking of seafood, why not go for Caviar, something you would happily add to the menu for a fancy dinner. Caviar is rich in anti-oxidants, lowers blood pressure, prevents cardiovascular attacks, and regenerates hemoglobin in your blood. In addition to these physical benefits, Caviar uplifts your mood too. It also helps in developing stronger muscles and is rich in iron, making it a sportsman’s ally. Yes, caviar is an expensive culinary delight but for the health benefits you receive from it, every penny spent is worth it!

4. Catfish

Next up, we have a fish breed that you may not have too much in your diet, unless you live near the coast or at a lake. However, catfish is a seriously beneficial fish to add to your dinner plate. Even though it doesn’t come with the amount of omega-3 fatty acids that come with salmon or tuna, there are still fatty acids that come with a serving of catfish. Plus, catfish is one of the fish with the lowest levels of mercury. This means, as mentioned prior, pregnant and nursing women should feel safe in eating catfish as a source of omega-3 fatty acids.

And there are plenty of ways that you can make dishes out of catfish! One of the best ways is to grill it outside on a nice spring or summer day and serve with a fresh salad and some vegetables.

5. Mackerel

One of the biggest benefits that comes with eating mackerel in your diet is decreasing your risk of heart disease. The American Heart Association recommends getting some mackerel into your meals if you are at a higher risk for heart attacks or other heart conditions. However, you need to be careful in choosing with breeds of mackerel to add to your diet. If you want mackerel that’s low in mercury, then go for Atlantic and Pacific mackerel. These are going to be safe for those women who are nursing, pregnant, or who may become pregnant. The one species of mackerel that does contain high levels of mercury is called the King Mackerel, so keep an eye out for that in the store if you want to avoid an increased intake of mercury. What kind of dishes do you think you can come up with this amazing seafood?

6. Flounder

And lastly, we have one of the best fish to choose for your diet – flounder. Flounder is a fish that many people find easy to add to their diet, even those people who don’t like the taste of fish. It’s amazing to either grill or fry, depending on your preference. You can even clean it to make a fish sandwich with flounder or you can serve it with some vegetables and a side salad. However, besides the delicious taste of flounder, you’re going to get plenty of beneficial nutrients pumped into your body. You’re going to get 13 grams of protein in one serving of flounder, so it’s great for those of you looking to get some more protein in your diet.

And there you have it! Each of these fish breeds is not only going to taste absolutely delicious on your dinner plate, but will give you a big boost in beneficial nutrients and vitamins that will help out with your health and wellness. Which one are you going to try out for tonight’s dinner?