5 Weight Loss Tips from People Who Have Done It

You must have often come across TV advertisement or roadside banners and hoarding that show fat people losing weight within no time, and then you see there before and after picture, well, then you sigh. It’s fake! You must have exclaimed.

There are weight loss programs that use multiple exercises, medicine, diet, and liposuction to attain weight loss. But my question is when weight loss can be an achieved without so much to do, why not give it a try?

How is that possible? I interviewed many people who lost weight without any help from weight loss center and believe me, they have a great deal of helpful information for you too.

So here are the top 5 weight loss tips from these people, who used it to lose weight.

1. Controlled Diet

Diet is primary when you want to lose weight. On the contrary to strict dieting, planning your diet according to your calorie requirements is beneficial. On an average, a healthy adult requires about 2400 kcal per day. But if you are overweight then you must stick to the daily diet of 1000-1200 kcal which is the maintenance diet. Sticking only to the maintenance diet, based on protein but no carbohydrates are the thumb rule, this will help your body to utilize its stored fat to burn for energy, helping you reduce weight faster.

2. Walk

Walking is paramount. Walking improves metabolism, increases blood circulation, burns fat and reduces weight. It is advised that you go out for the walk, but if you can’t then walk at your home. You must calculate your steps using a fitness tracker or the fitness app on your smartphone. Aim to walk at least 10000- 12000 steps per day. I understand it will be a bit tough in the beginning, but surely you will pace up with time especially if you have a treadmill at home!

3. Use Stairs

Using stairs is the best exercise. If you want to lose weight, the first thing you must quit is using an elevator. Be it office, home or malls star using stair. You will gradually start building strength and stamina apart from losing weight. Remember, stairs are your best friends to lose weight the easy way.

4. Exercise

Exercise is essential; you don’t always have to go to the gym to exercise. You can start with home activities. Aerobics, dancing and skipping can quickly be done at home. These help in burning fat faster and improve your muscles as well. Skipping rope alone is very useful. It helps in reducing appetite and burning fat.

5. Stay hydrated

Now this is important to understand. When your body is burning fat, it loses water faster. So you must keep hydrated to avoid dehydration and nausea due to water loss. Another important thing, your body’s call for water intake is often confused with hunger pranks which is how you put on weight in the first place. If you replace your hunger pranks with water, it will fill your stomach and stop you from putting on pressure.

Now, I guess you know the secrets from experienced persons. So, start working on it currently and lose weight quickly!