5 Personal Hygiene Tips For Young Adults

As a young adult, your community interactions are high, which exposes you to a whole range of bacteria and viruses all day long, right from your office workspace to your weekend hang out spots, from the theatres to even the most high end of casinos. You are not gambling with germs so wash your hands after your play is over. Also, keep clean and fresh clothes on, bathe properly, like your parents once told you!

The five personal hygiene tips given below will not only deter viruses, they will also shield the people around you from the same bacteria.

Dress Fresh, Dress Well

Natural secretions from your skin evaporate over time. However, without any air flow, the moisture causes bacteria and fungi to develop in dark folds. This is why you should avoid wearing tight clothing, like wet bathing suits, skintight spandex, leather pants, for extended periods of time. You will find lots more comfortable options available for young adults in the market. Moreover, make it a point to change out your sweaty clothes every time you finish your workout session or do some strenuous activity.

Trim Nails Regularly

Many young adults neglect to clip their nails frequently. In fact, young women prefer to have long finger nails. Unfortunately, when nails are not trimmed and kept in the right shape, it could lead to serious health conditions, like infected nail beds and hangnails. This is why it is necessary to trim your nails once a week, and brush them about 3 to 5 times using soap. This prevents dirt and residue from accumulating on the underside of your nails. While toenails can be clipped straight across, fingernails must be trimmed rounded at the top. The best time to do all this is post-shower since that is when your nails remain soft. Remember to keep your nails and cuticles moisturized as well.

Showering Tips

Young adults don’t have to shower every day. Yes, it’s true! However, that doesn’t change the fact that showering is a vital part of your personal hygiene routine. A bath, once every other day, will suffice. Similarly, you can skip shampooing a couple days a week. However, it is important to stay cool before a shower, especially during the summers. This is because when you’re hot and sweaty, your body generates heat and if it comes in contact with cold water, you might suffer from a stroke. So, it’s best to hit the showers only when you’ve cooled down.

Keep Your Ears Clean

Clean your ears after a bath. Cotton buds are the best tools for the job. They avoid irritation and guard your ears against infections. Be gentle while cleaning your inner ears, though. This part is very sensitive, and affects your hearing. It would be a shame if you “dug” your way to deafness.

Caring for Your Feet

Go barefoot at home. While bathing, make sure you wash your whole foot thoroughly, including the skin between your fingers. Always wear shoes and socks that fit well. You can sometimes soak your feet in soapy suds. Scrubbing each toe and the bottom of your feet will ensure you don’t suffer from any odorous or unsightly issues, nor do you contract foot fungus.

These are not difficult things to do; all it requires is a little patience, and self-discipline. The more careful a young adult is about maintaining their personal hygiene, the better their health will be.