5 guides to use inversion tables

If you have not yet found quick inversion table reviews then this article sheds the perfect light. An inversion table is the only helper that guarantees to get you free from your spine pains. It takes the entire load onto itself and makes sure your joints attains relieve. By stretching on a particular angle on this table, your body gets healed itself. Escaping away from gravity, your body gets a break and ample of time for your damage tissues to recover. It not only realigns your back but also helps your tensed muscle to achieve great blood circulation.

This article covers five proper ways through which you can use this table.


There is a greater responsibility on inversion tables rather than just tilting your head over it. This is the best equipment designed for doing exercises. There are only a few muscles on which you can work and achieve overall fitness. Like abdomen and legs, exercises are the core exercises which can promise you a good health.

Use an Inversion Table Safely

if you are a fitness freak and needs every feature like whistles embedded in the tables then the table will cost you more, there are several features available for different types of tables like abs trainers, bells, and heat. Always sit flat on the inversion table. You should set the position of your arms in such a manner that you are on the lowest of its hole provided in the pivot. This is an important tip which should be followed if you are a beginner else if you are a pro then can go with higher holes in the pivot. Other than positioning your arms you can get your height adjusted. With a properly chosen height, you can achieve a greater balance. You should also give a proper importance to the angle of tilt. Bars can be adjusted for giving you the proper angle for inversion


Every person has a different structure of body so the time of everybody when using the inversion table varies. For beginners, you should not stretch on the table for more than five minutes but minimum three minutes. With the intervals, you can do as many five minutes stretches as your body allows. Once your body get used to of this time period, you can then gradually increase your time period to ten minutes and then to fifteen so on. But if you’re a pro in using these tables then rather than getting tired of your stretches you will feel relieved and relaxed. Never miss drinking a glass of water between intervals whether you are a pro or a beginner. Do stretch for as much long as your body allows.

Back Pain

When Using inversion table for back pain, always choose a mild angle and reach to greater angle along the way. Angle is extremely important as the right angles take the pressure away from your nerves. An ideal angle for back pains is around 45 to 90 degrees. However, experts argue that angle equal to greater than 90 can be risky for reverse blood flow operations. So for back pain, take it to the best suitable angle under the range provided, breathe deeply and remain in the same position for approximately two to three minutes and then return.

Medical Advice:

If you feel great discomforts when using this table then contact your doctor. Though no cases of strokes are reported but take care of your safety as you know your medical problems better. Moreover, Patients report issues related to muscles pull and strains commonly because of increased pressure. So for a precautionary state, you must consult a doctor before using these tables. People with retinal detachments must be aware that its use could put a pressure on their eyes and consequently, will lead to blood flow. It’s not that use of inversion tables is harmful and risky all the time but seeking a medical advice is a safe option. So before hopping on them, make sure that you know the possible results of this inversion therapy.