4 Keto Diet Mistakes That You Can Avoid

Keto diet is a not just a fancy trend. It is a whole new lifestyle. If you want to change your life to ‘keto’ you should know some of the most common keto diet mistakes that you can avoid.

1. You Don’t Consume Enough Fat

During our lives, we have been learning to eat less fatty foods. This is why it seems so hard to persuade yourself to eat meat and butter instead of plain grains.

Many people think that starting a keto diet it is enough to reduce carbs, but it tends to be the most common mistake of the beginners. You cannot just eat the lean beef without sides and expect the positive impact of the keto diet. Your body must receive enough amount of fat, so it will be used as an energy.

A deficit of fat can cause your body to store it and give you an opposite effect – you may gain weight. So you have to think carefully about the amount of fat you consume by organizing your menu. Remember that good amount is about 70% a day.

Say “no” to low-fat products. If you have to choose between low-fat butter and an original fat version, choose the last one. The products advertised as “low fat” usually contain more carbs than the regular ones because the fat is replaced with sugar or flavor.

2. You Eat Too Much Protein

Another popular mistake is consuming too much protein. According to Keto Vale, ketogenic diet is a high fat, low carb and moderate protein diet. People are used to an idea that fat is bad and protein is great for our bodies, and we need time to change the common attitude. But don’t worry! Protein is still necessary. It is an important part of your keto diet, but to get positive benefits from protein you must consume the right amount of it. The daily dose of protein should only make only 20 to 25% of the calories you take.

3. You Do Not Drink Enough Water

A vital part of a ketogenic diet is drinking a lot of water. Drinking enough water is a good diet habit. It is not just taking your usual two liters per day. When you are on a keto diet, you should consume even more than that. Remember that pure water is really good for your body to get adjusted with keto – it helps your liver and kidneys process fats more efficiently. If you don’t like consuming that much water without any taste, you may want to consider some flavor enhancers that you can add.

4. Stop Drinking Alcohol on Daily Basis

You can still have some red wine time to time, but remember that beer or cocktails must be excluded from your food ratio while you are on keto. Even if you buy a low-carb drink, but consume it regularly, it can cause some negative effects on your weight loss.

The calories from the alcohol interfere with nutrients being absorbed through the food that you eat. It happens because your body naturally processes alcohol first, and only afterward starts burning your fats. This is how you put all the keto system on hold.