A Guide to Spending Less on Moving When Relocating for a Job

Whether it’s out of choice (pursuing a better job opportunity) or necessity (getting transferred by a current employer), relocating for job-related reasons comes with a mixture of emotions. There’s the excitement and anticipation of moving to a new place with a fresh start, as well as the stress and anxiety that comes with ditching what you know and venturing into the unknown. There’s also the financial component. If you’ve never done a full relocation, then you probably don’t know how expensive it can be.

5 Tips to Save You Money

There’s a difference between moving across town and relocating to another part of the country. It takes lots of time, careful planning, and – if you aren’t careful – money. The question is, how can you spend less without compromising the integrity of the move?

Here are a few practical tips:

Gather Packing Materials

There’s no sense in spending a bunch of money on boxes and packing supplies – they can add up quickly! Instead, look around for free items. You can typically find people giving away recycled moving boxes on Craigslist. Or, you might have luck contacting a local liquor store or retailer that throws packing supplies away on a regular basis.

Get Rid of Stuff You Don’t Need

Now is the perfect time to purge your belongings and get rid of things you don’t need. As you pack, make three piles: things you’re keeping, things you’re throwing away, and things you’re donating. Every item that you don’t pack up and move with you is going to save you in terms of packing supplies, space, time, and fuel efficiency.

Give your Place a Deep Clean

If you’re renting your current place, you probably have a security deposit put down. In order to get that security deposit back, the rental needs to abide by the terms of the lease agreement.

Let’s say your deposit is worth $1,000. If it takes you five hours to give the rental a really deep clean, you’re essentially getting paid $200 an hour. Not bad, right?

Look for Deals on Home Services

Once you actually get settled in your new apartment or home, there’s a lot that needs to be done. Logistically, one of the first steps is to get services established. This includes things like cable and internet, utilities, and home security. If you’re new to the area, then you probably don’t know which options are best. A resource like InMyArea can help you comparison shop by address. If you find that you need some work done on the property – such as plumbing, handyman work, or cleaning – a resource like HomeAdvisor can get you pointed in the right direction.

Track and Deduct Expenses

Between moving supplies, hiring a moving service, truck rentals, gas, and all of the other expenses that come into play, moving can be expensive. But did you know that most moving expenses are deductible come April?

In order to deduct these expenses, you need to carefully track them and save all receipts. This might seem like a pain right now, but it could lead to a pretty nice refund when it’s all said and done.

Tell Your Money Where to Go

Smart people have control over their money. They don’t just throw it into the wind and hope it works for them. No – they tell it where to go. When it comes to relocating, you need a plan. With the right strategy, you can save money, enjoy a smoother move, and get settled faster than you thought possible.