4 Important Facts You Should Know Before Getting Dental Implants

Being told that the last of your natural teeth must go is not exactly the best news you’ve ever gotten. Now you have to consider what sort of replacement would be best. On the one hand you could be fitted for a set of dentures. Another approach that is more popular than ever is dental implants. Before you make your decision, there are some things about the implants you should know up front. Here are some examples.

Not Everyone Can Receive Implants

Unlike partial and complete dentures, the ability to be fitted with dental implants is not universal. A great deal depends on the condition of the bones that make up the jaws. If you have weakened bone structure that is not likely to provide a solid space for the implants, the recommendation is likely to consider denture plates instead. While you may be disappointed, take the advice of your dental professional to heart. In the long run, you will save yourself time and money by choosing the solution that your dentist recommends.

Implants Do Preserve Your Appearance

One of the great things about dental implants is that they help to keep the line of your jaw from changing drastically. This is because the body of each implant is essentially occupying the space once reserved for your teeth. With those sockets left empty, it’s only natural that the jaw bone would begin to sink inward. Thanks to the implants, that doesn’t happen and you will continue to look like yourself for a long time.

You’ll Be More Confident in Social Settings

As many dentists will explain, implants are a more or less permanent solution. They don’t shift out of position unless a tremendous amount of force is used. While they could be damaged in an auto accident or any type of event that would cause similar harm to real teeth, you don’t have to worry about them slipping out of place while you are going about your usual daily routine. The same cannot always be said for denture plates.

That means you can go out to dinner and eat whatever you like without wondering if a tooth or a whole set will slip while you chew, bite, or happen to be talking. It will be easier to relax in those situations, feel confident that the teeth will stay in place, and enjoy yourself fully.

Taking Care of Implants is Simple

Implants don’t come out so you will keep them clean using the same basic routine that you once used with your natural teeth. There is still the need to brush after meals and using mouthwash to freshen the breath is fine. Dental cleanings and an annual exam will still be part of the routine. For the most part, things will go as they always have, perhaps with some minor tweaks to your routine.

If you think implants are the right solution, talk with your dentist. Undergo the examination necessary to determine if you are a good candidate. Once you learn more about the merits of dental implants, making the right decision will be quick and easy.