10 – Amazing Facts About Electric Shavers

Electric shavers have revolutionized the way we shave, by making this time consuming and arduous task an easy and simple daily chore.

Men and women have been shaving their hair for centuries which are hard bristles for some and softer bristles for the others as they tend to see these hairy growth all over the body as a nuisance and unclean as well.

Sharp razors were used which are still in existence in many parts of the world but the more sophisticated and fashionable elite opt for much easier methods using electric shavers.

Electric Shaving has caught on very rapidly and is used for a quick shave on the move and does what a razor would do and could also give a very neat trim when you would need one.

It is recorded that even ancient men and women shaved and this personal chore has been coming down for generations and though some may avoid shaving due to religious considerations the majority do shave.

Electric shavers would collect the stubbles of hair that it cuts with the shaver to ensure that the minute bits of hair does not drop all over to cause other sicknesses to those around.

Some of the 10 very interesting facts about shaving stylishly could be listed as follows.

1) A dry shave is possible with electric shavers.

There is no need to wet your face or the part of the body you need to shave with water if you are using an electric shaver. A dry shave is what you would get and also save the trouble of being static when you shave as you could do it on the move and save those precious minutes that you would otherwise waste on that most important shave.

2) Save on the cost of foam.

Save on foam which is now an expensive item canned for convenience but sold at a premium price which can be affordable to some but not for many.

The use of foam for shaving is an ageold tradition and most of us do use foam still for that close shave that we look forward to.

3) Change blades

The blades in an electric shaver could be interchanged to suit the length of stubble you need to carry which is today a fashionable statement that many like to make.

Designer stubbles are the order of the day and are welcomed by the majority as giving that manly look for the masculine of our species.

4) Washable with water

Most electric shavers are washable with flowing water from a tap to keep them clean and germ free. They are all sealed to be water tight giving that flexibility to cleanliness we all like.

This keeps the shavers clean and with pieces of hair spoiling the area around you and ready for use again at anytime you would need it as it has to do what it does best, and that is shaving.

5) Shave under the shower

With no power connection to harm some electric shavers can accompany you to the shower without any fear as they are safe under flowing water and that would give that closer shave you would like.

Shaving under the shower with an electric shaver was an unheard of phenomenon but there are many models from various manufacturers that this is possible today

6) Re-chargeable

Electric shavers are rechargeable and hence could be carried easily anywhere you would want to be and still complete that all important shave all in moving mode.

Rechargeable batteries are in sealed compartments are safely kept away from any damage being caused to either the shaver or its batteries.

7) No fear of electrocution

No power and hence no fear of electrocution. They are save as they can be and it is only when charging that special care should be taken as it would be connected to an electric power socket.

8) Convenient

A very convenient contraption to have handy to get that close shave that you always wanted and could be your travelling companion and a smart one too.

Today the world relies more on convenience than anything else as time constrains are taking away most of the time that we like to spend for ourselves and our families.

Everything that is manufactured in the modern world is done with convenience in mind and that is why we see so much being spent just to satisfy this human need.

9) Portable

It is portable and would just fit into your utilities pouch to be with you always.

10) Affordable

Affordable and with a wide range of prices choosing one to fit your budget is no big deal and with different products offered by different brands finding the one you would prefer is a very simple chore..