Why Playster Should Be Your Favorite Streaming Service

Do you love streaming entertainment online? There are many ways to enjoy music, movies and more from your smartphone, tablet or computer, but one of the best is to subscribe to a service like Playster.

Playster is a new streaming platform that, unlike its competitors, gives members unlimited access to music, games, movies, books and audiobooks, all in one place. It allows users to access content online, as well as through its custom iOS and Android. What’s more, it offers the option to download and save content to enjoy offline.

How does Playster work?

Subscribing to Playster allows users to enjoy a wide range of content by using any mobile device. After you log into the app, an invite will pop up, so you can start browsing their full catalog of books, music, movies and games. All you have to do is tap on the media type you want to explore and off you go!

Advantages of using Playster

Playster subscribers can enjoy all media types in one place at one affordable price. One impressive new feature is that users can download books and read them through the app, even without an Internet connection.

Playster’s revamped app also boasts improved search features and better suggestions and users will surely be impressed by their curated playlists, which cater to all different tastes and lifestyles. Other perks include:

  • A clean, user-friendly interface
  • Easy access to all media types in one place
  • Accessibility on Android, iOS and Web
  • A FREE 30-day trial
  • Unlimited, ad-free streaming
  • The ability to download content for offline streaming

With so many great features, Playster is on its way to becoming one of the most preferred streaming services out there. Best described as the Netflix of Everything, Playster is starting a new trend in online streaming by giving its members truly unlimited access to millions of titles.

Curious about trying Playster? You can enjoy a 30-day FREE trial by downloading the app from Google Play and iTunes. You can also follow Playster on social media to stay up to date on all the new additions to their catalog, as well exciting news, contests and more.