Trailer out for The Amazing Spider-Man

Colombia Pictures has released a trailer for the upcoming Spider-Man film.

The SanDiego Comic-Con opened today, so I suppose it was well-times to hit people expecting to learn more about their favorite comics franchises.

Here we get to see the way this new story is going to be different to the previous trilogy. The tone here is definitely more somber, there is a particular lack of campiness in this trailer, and the characters all seem to be taking things a bit more seriously.

The plot appears that it will have something to do more with Peter’s parents than with Uncle Ben this time, which is interesting, as the comics have never spent much time exploring what Peter’s parents could have to do with The Spider-Man. They’ve always just been gone. Interestingly, we haven’t been given a look in this trailer at the fighting villai, Proto-Goblin, or how they will handle his story. 

The style has some changes, as well. The colors are all more muted, and the characters seem somehow more plain-looking. It’s in keeping with modern superhero trends, in books and film, to make everything a bit darker, and so far, it looks like they’ve hit the right level here.

The Amazing Spider-Man stars Andrew Garfield, Irrfan Khan, and Denis Leary, and is planned for a Summer 2012 release.