Trailer and cast interviews video released for Alphas

SyFy recently debuted an informative trailer for its best looking new show Alphas, which looks like a cross between Leverage and the graphic novel series Powers.

Five super powered people (alphas) are led by a mastermind controller who has a deep understanding of where these powers come from. The team is tasked with stopping super powered criminals, with the mastermind giving them instructions which allow them to work together effectively.

The team consists of the typical crew: They’ve got a guy who can see electromagnetic waves as their hacker, a mental manipulator as their grifter, a super sensory as their lookout, a super agile as their acrobat/sniper, and super strongman as their muscle.

We can surely expect lots of drama as these personalities clash, and they’ll have to work hard just to get along much less work together on mission. They seem to be working with the government, so we won’t have the challenge of the vigilante team.

It looks gritty and melodramatic, which, like anything, can be done very well or very poorly.

It’s interesting to me that it feels so much like the concept behind Powers at a time when the television adaptation of the franchise is currently in development.

Alphas stars Ryan Cartwright, Warren Christie (October Road), Azita Ghanizada (Castle), Laura Mennell (Watchmen), David Strathairn (Good Night, and Good Luck), and Malik Yoba (New York Undercover). The show was co-created by Zack Penn (X-Men: The Last Stand). The Pilot premiers on SyFy: 11 July 11pm EST.