The paradoxes of Eureka

The season premier of Eureka hit earlier this week. It opened, of course with the narration of what’s been going on lately in the show, and I realized that this time-travel screw-up sub-plot has been going on for a very long time.

I feel like it’s been going on long enough that they needn’t bother explaining it anymore.

It’s been two seasons now since all of the characters got jumbled around.

Are they really still planning on ‘fixing’ all that?

At this point, it seems like it would be just as detrimental to change the world back to the way it was.

They’ve been here in this altered reality for so long, it has become the new status quo of the show.

Perhaps this season is finally going to ‘fix’ the time line, and it seems like that’s what they are setting up, as the episode ended on a ‘this-timeline-is-about-to-get-totally-broken’ sort of note.

With Eureka facing termination from the Congressional level, and all of the screwed up relationships caused by the time-shift finally being worked out, I guess it’s time to move on anyway.

It just seems kind of silly. When they ‘repair’ this timeline, won’t they be destroying people and relationships the same way they did the first time. Isn’t it a bit selfish and reckless to try to ‘fix’ all of this just to bring themselves into a more comfortable world?

Mostly, I just want this mega-sub-plot to finally end one way or another. The characters either need to step up and accept this new world as their new home, or get the fixing over and done with, so that the show can stop balancing on this odd edge upon which it is currently teetering.