Tales from the Farm adaptation gets director

A film adaptation of Jeff Lemire’s Tales from the Farm, the first book in the Essex County series, has been in the works for some time.

Reports indicate the film will be very reliant on CGI special effects, and thus perhaps it makes sense that it should be helmed by a veteran Special Effects Supervisor like Dykstra.

Dykstra has won multiple awards for his special effect, including awards for Star Wars and Spider-Man 2, and was in charge of the great effects in this weekend’s X-Men: First Class. The new film is working with the title Super Zero, and so far has no other cast or crew.

The producers plan to have something to showcase before ComicCon, however, so they will likely be urging Dykstra to start filling roles and announcing preliminary names in the next few weeks.

Steven Gilder, one of the co-producers of the film says that the plan is “to have a strong hard push in these next weeks, either locking cast and/or getting commitments from financing and/or distributors, [and then] going to the studios with a package.”

Tales from the Farm is the story of a ten-year-old boy who goes to live on his uncle’s farm. There he befriends a strange man who runs the local gas station, and who turns out to be a former pro sports star.

The two of them adventure to a mysterious world, where they find monster, aliens, and heroes to help fight them.

For his own part Dykstra seems excited to be chosen for this as his directoral debut, saying, “I’ve been so involved in films that are primarily based on the action sequences and over-the-top visuals that this to me was incredibly attractive just based on the depth of the characters and the evocative nature of the story.”