Superman finds Lois, Smallville

Two pieces of news in the production of the new Superman movie popped up this weekend. The part of Lois Lane has been cast, and the shooting location has been found for the Smallville portions of the film.

While we knew previously that three times Academy Award nominee Amy Adams was being courted for the role of Lois Lane, we only got the official word this weekend that she has signed on to the project.

A quick google image search doesn’t reveal any pictures of her with hair as dark as Lois Lanes should be – most of her roles are as a redhead, and she seems a little old to play Lois, so it’s hard to tell if she’ll really look the part when the time comes, but that’s all cosmetic stuff, I’m sure they know what they’re doing in that arena.

The important thing is that they’ve chosen a talented actress to play the role. I’m particularly happy that Kristen Stewart, who was, at one point, rumored to be on the short list for the role, did not end up with it. It’s not as bad as considering Robert Pattinson for the role of Daredevil (a rumor which was later denied), but still a terrible idea.

This news comes only shortly after Kevin Costner was announced in the role of Pa Kent, a move that tells me two things: that Clark’s time in Smallville will be a prominent portion of the film – they wouldn’t bring in Costner for a bit-part – and that the cast is really starting to shape up into a great team, which I’m looking forward to more and more as news comes out.

On the topic of Smallville, it seems that the film’s director, Zack Snyder, has found a place that gives them the look and feel they want for Superman’s hometown.

We already knew that the film is slated to shoot in Vancuver, which will likely be where most of the Metropolis and interior scenes will be shot, but now we have word that much of the film will be shot in Plano, Indiana, a town of about 6k residents outside of Chicago. Seems perfect for some outdoor Smallville shots.