The best entry level gun sports you can get involved in

Learning how to shoot a gun properly can feel incredibly empowering and it is the perfect way to educate yourself on safe gun control. Even better, there are a number of sports you can get involved in to help enhance your shooting abilities, and more importantly, to just let loose and have some fun. Once you have bought your firearm, it is just a matter of finding a local sport you can join in on.

Clay Pigeon Shooting


Clay pigeon shooting is universally well known and the perfect shooting sport for all levels – a great way to break into shooting for beginners. What most don’t know about clay pigeon shooting is that there are three major disciplines involved. You can actually improve your shooting skills by moving step by step up the different disciplines exemplified below.


With this type of shooting, targets are released from one single machine. A round usually consists of around 25 targets from five different shooting positions. The shooter will have no idea which way the target will shoot out, whether it will go left, right or straight and therefore perfecting your instincts and shooting range is essential to succeeding in this sport. Therefore, it is a great way to practice, at an entry level.

Double Trap

Double trap follows the same structure as trap shooting, apart from as opposed to trap with one released at a time, in double trap, as the name suggests, two target are released into the air simultaneously.


Targets are released from two opposing towers and intersect in front of the shooter. As the shooter, you make your way up by advancing from one tower to another.


source: Wikipedia

This winter sports upgrades the traditional triathlon to a whole new level combining, cross country skiing and rifle shooting. This is a really fun way to get a taste of rifle shooting if you are new to it, or even apply the skills you have recently learnt. It is usually done as a singles sport, or in relays, so you can either combine all of these extreme activities or just hone in your skills on rifle shooting alone. The biathlon was born in Scandinavia as an alternative exercise for Norwegians to train for the military. However, ever since it has grown to become a world class sport as everyone wanted a piece of the action, including the Olympic Games from 1960.

Modern Pentathlon


A new and improved pentathlon has hit the table with a varied range of skills to comprise fencing, 200m freestyle swimming, show jumping and a final event of pistol shooting and a 3200 cross country run. Whether you are doing this as an individual or joining a local team, this pentathlon 2.0 will put you through your paces and give everyone at chance at learning how to become a pro in pistol shooting.

Entering into sport that involves a gun breaks down harmful stereotypes, as it can be both safe and recreational. Every course and venue that holds events for you as an individual, or with friends, to practice your skills and compete against others follows strict procedures in order to create a safe environment. Make sure to understand the rules around gun law under your jurisdiction, and be trained fully on how to use it as to not become a cautionary tale for others. All you need to do then, is just have fun and it will be not time before you become the expert.