Why You Should Start Playing Ice Hockey

Hockey has received a lot of negative press throughout the years, claiming that hockey is a dangerous sport. In reality, hockey has the same risks as any sport, as well as the benefits.

If you have ever considered playing hockey, you should start now. It is never too late. We checked in with Hockey Homie to learn what the best reasons to play hockey are. This is what we learned.

1. Cardiovascular Health: There’s no question that the primary cause of obesity is living a sedentary life. When you are inactive, the oxygen-rich blood from your heart does not pump throughout your body. That means that your organs and limbs will not receive the circulation they need for health.

Hockey is a cardiovascular sport that works your heart and your lungs. It will help you burn fat, stay in shape, and strengthen your heart.

2. Other Health Benefits: Really, hockey has a lot of health benefits. Outside of cardiovascular health, hockey also can help improve your balance, build your muscle strength, and improve your coordination. All of these skills will help you throughout your entire life.

Skating is already a feat of balance. When you add the sport of hockey to it, you are working especially hard to maintain your balance while playing a game. Together, they require a great amount of coordination. In order to be successful at hockey, and with a lot of practice, you will build more muscle strength. All of these skills will help you in not just hockey, but in every physical activity you do.

3. Socialization: As we get older, it can be especially hard to meet new people who have similar interests. Hockey is a great unifier. Working together as a team, you will foster relationships with like-minded people in a healthy environment.

By playing hockey, you will gain a sense of community while helping you build a better sense of your own identity.

4. Personal Growth: It is never too late to improve ourselves. Hockey can help you personally, improving your personality traits. Hockey can help you learn how to be resilient and overcome challenges in a more fun environment.

You will also develop or enhance your leadership skills as well as teamwork. Both of these traits can be assets in every facet of your life. Hockey does it by helping you guide your team as you learn to be guided. Working as a team is the path to success.

5. Brain Sharpness: As you work with your team and develop your cardiovascular skills, you will be building and enhancing your brain as well. You will find that you are a quicker thinker and are better at solving problems after playing hockey for a while.

With good circulation, good health, and good personal relationships, your overall quality of life can improve. You will be able to focus more pointedly on tasks at hand.

If you are interested in taking up hockey, call your local hockey rink today and see what teams and classes are available.