How Lighting in Basketball Stadiums can Impact the Game

Your star player takes a pass through the middle and is streaking down the court. He leaps and makes a spectacular dunk—unfortunately the audience couldn’t see the play develop because of poor illumination. Basketball is one of the most fast-paced, high-intensity sports in existence, and every second matters. Make sure your audience can catch every second of the action by using high-efficiency LED lighting in your stadium. Here’s how it can make a huge difference.

LED Lighting Enhances Guest and Player Safety

It can be difficult to navigate a poorly-lit stadium, especially through rafters and bleachers at night. Any misstep can be hazardous and even costly. LED lighting is designed to focus in on trouble areas to eliminate shadows and cast bright light wherever it’s needed.

LED Lights Come to Full Power Immediately

Metal Halide and other lighting systems can take substantial time to warm up, but LED lighting turns on immediately. This allows you to start games without delay and get back up and running without hesitation in the event of a temporary power failure or when a generator kicks on.

With LED Lighting, You Have a Comfortable, Glare-Free Viewing Experience

In a game where pinpoint passes and precise shots can make or break a game, glare can never be tolerated. LED lighting systems provide optimum clarity and illumination by using a color rendering that nearly replicates natural sunlight. This natural spectrum reduces visual fatigue that can cause discomfort for players and fans alike.

LED lighting also provides proper contrast levels through its high illumination levels. As a result, you can place your primary light source away from the area of play to maximize color enhancement and visual comfort.

Focused Lighting Eliminates Shadows

Dimly lit areas in old stadiums detract immensely from the game at hand, whether you’re viewing at home from your TV or in the front row at the stadium. Uniform LED lighting comes in a number of beam spreads which allows lighting to be focused in any angle and spread. As a result, you’ll never have dimly lit spaces or distracting shadows.

Decreased Energy and Maintenance Costs

Sports LED lights can last more than 4 times longer than other lighting systems, and they can save up to 20% on energy costs immediately. The investment in LED lighting can pay off in a few years, and you’ll save even more on reduced maintenance costs due to the less frequent repairs and bulb replacements.

LED Lights are Technologically Superior

Today’s LED lights use integrated technology to help you control your lighting system remotely. You can access individual luminaries through a secure network via a smartphone, tablet, or even laptop. This makes customizing each individual game fast and easy.