Mounted Diamonds vs Loose Diamonds – Which One to Choose?

Pop culture is full of scenes in which a man goes to a jewelry store, browses through a whole lot of engagement rings and then settles for the one perfect ring that he thinks suits his bride to be. This scenario is assumed to be the only option available to jewelry buyers out there, and for good reason; other methods are not widely popularized by any form of media whatsoever. However, jewelry shopping does not have to stay limited to choosing from a range of premade jewelry, for there is the option of buying loose diamonds and ordering custom-made jewelry for the occasion you wish to have it made for. Each option has its own set of pros and cons and is suitable for different situations. Here are the things to consider when you face the decision of buying diamond jewelry.

1. Budget Available

Buying loose diamonds and using them to make jewelry to order is a relatively more expensive option. So, alluring as it may look, a loose diamond may not be a viable option for everyone. However, this does not necessarily have to be a problem; there are plenty of premade pieces of jewelry to choose from, and plenty of stores to visit for the sake of variety.

2. Quality of The Stone

For those of you who are particular about the quality of the stone, buying a loose diamond before having it mounted onto jewelry will allow you to inspect the diamond beforehand. Premade jewelry pieces often use diamonds with slight defects in the stone and mount them onto settings that successfully hide the faults. Inspecting the diamond before having it mounted will ensure that the quality of the stone you buy is at its highest.

3. Time Constraints

Buying loose diamonds and making custom made jewelry out of them is a long and time taking process that involved finding a good dealer of loose diamonds, inspecting the stone, designing a piece that you are satisfied with and then having it custom made. For those of you who do not have enough time on your hands, trying to buy loose diamonds is not the way to go. Buying premade jewelry will let you buy good pieces of jewelry even in a limited amount of time.

4. Liberty of Design

Premade jewelry is available in a wide range of extremely good-looking designs; however, buying jewelry is a very personal act, and most shoppers are very particular about having the jewelry suit their or their loved one’s personality. In this vein, those who opt for buying loose diamonds find that doing so allows them to design their piece exactly as they want it, without being restricted by a wide yet finite range. This also involves being able to pick out the cut of the stone that you want, along with the metal and the setting that you have in mind. Several who buy loose diamonds, often buying jewelry for the purpose of getting engaged, choose to use a temporary setting for the diamond while proposing, and then they remove the diamond later to choose a permanent setting that is suitable to the wearer’s tastes.

Regardless of the situation or the option you choose to go for, you are sure to find the right piece that suits both the situation as well as the wearer. Existing pieces of jewelry are quite beautiful in their own right, and several buyers walk out of the store satisfied with their purchase. However, loose diamonds offer an opportunity to buy it make jewelry that is not simply satisfactory but, in the eyes of the buyer, perfect. However, it is important to be careful while buying expensive jewelry, especially when you are trying to buy loose diamonds. Be sure to pick a vendor with a good reputation and a proper license to deal and sell diamonds. Most reputable vendors offer a grading report of the stone to help you determine its quality. In the end, the choice you make will leave you happy of you consider all the options you have and the circumstances you are faced with.