How Technology Has Revolutionised Sport in the Last Decade

Like many other areas of life, technology has had an enormous impact on sports in the last decade. Many technologies have been developed that are designed to improve professional sports, individual performance/training and the fan experience. This only looks set to continue in the future.

Professional Sports

Over the last 10 years, many professional leagues have embraced technology to improve the fairness and competitiveness. This includes goal line technology in football, replay vision in the NBA to ensure that the referee made the correct call and cricket is famous for using a range of technologies. This includes “Hawkeye” (also used in tennis), instant replays, “Snickometer” and “PitchVision” – these all help officials to reach the right decision when it can be difficult to tell live and at full speed. Many other sports now rely on technology to improve the professional game.


Sports clothing, footwear and equipment has incorporated technologies to improve individual performance and training. Clothing has been streamlined so that you can perform at a higher standard and equipment can monitor your technique and performance for analysis.

There is even equipment to promote safety, such as Smart Helmets – the use sensor and magnet technology to decrease the chance of a head injury. All sports clothing and equipment is highly accessible with many specialist online stores opening up, such as Talent Cricket.

Fan Experience

The fan experience is vastly different in today’s day and age. Social media plays a big role where athletes and fans can interact with one another, the scoreboards at games are in high definition, some players/coaches wear microphones, you can pour over stats online and even purchasing tickets is easier. Fantasy sports have also exploded in popularity in recent years. Essentially, technology has brought fans closer to the game and opened up possibilities for interaction with their favourite stars.

These are just a few ways in which technology has revolutionised sports in the last decade. Accuracy, analysis, statistics, efficiency, competitiveness, performance and fan experience are all key elements of sport – this all goes hand-in-hand with modern technology.

The Future

This only looks set to continue as it seems professional sports are incorporating new technologies every season to assist with refereeing and improving the fan experience, whilst manufacturers are constantly harnessing technology to help people improve their fitness/performance.

This is not without its controversy, however, as some say that this technology takes away the “human element” of sports. It is plausible that one day many professional games will be officiated entirely by technology to ensure complete accuracy. Although arguments can be made against technology in sports, it has also done a tremendous amount in recent times and improved the industry in many ways.