Golf rangefinders – How to choose one that fits your game

Golf is a game that entails concentration, precision and accuracy in measuring the distance of a particular target. Even though it seems easy, most of the players find it difficult when it comes to getting the correct target. Sometimes the experienced golfers experience failure.

Fortunately, players can now access golf rangefinders that have made it easier for golfers to get accurate yardages on the golf course within no time. Golf rangefinders have made the sport simple as compared to the usual guesswork that conventional players tend to do. Given the challenges involved in the game, obtaining a cheap golf rangefinder is the best solution and wisest decision a player can make.


With so many options available in the market, it has become difficult to choose the best rangefinder. Nevertheless, here are some questions you must ask yourself before sealing the deal:

  • What will be the use of device?
  • How often will the device be used?

Answering these questions will help you determine the final choice. However, there are two broad categories available in the market; slope edition and tournament edition. Tournament editions are designed specifically for players who often take part in competitions. They even comply with most of the tournament regulations since they give basic line of sight distance calculations only.

Slope edition rangefinders fall are designed for training use only. They come with advanced features and enable you to take into account slope angles. These are recommendable for those who wants to practice golf and gain more experience in the sport.

Accuracy and range coverage

As mentioned above, golf is all about accuracy. It is imperative to check how much accurate the golf rangefinder is. Most manufacturers of these devices claim that accuracy is within half of a yard. But this may not be the case always. Make sure you go through the reviews to ensure whether the product complies with the accuracy claims.

Also make sure that the golf rangefinder features maximum range coverage. It is highly recommendable to choose an option that covers the entire course and the game.

Size and weight

This factor is often overlooked by most of the players. Size and weight of rangefinders are important factors to take into account. Choose an options that is easier to handle so it doesn’t hinder in your golfing experience. Make sure the equipment is of lightweight, fits in the hand easily and is easier to use.

Product reviews

Product reviews help us to make well-informed decisions. It can provide insights into the actual customer experience. There are many reputable retailers where you can buy this product from. Take out time what the customers have to say about the product and go through the critiques they have made. This will help you to decide between products. Product reviews give insights into factors like battery life, durability and other important features.

Here was how you can choose the best golf rangefinder to ensure you an amazing golfing experience.