Everything You Need to Know About Softball Bats.

No matter how good a product may be, it also has its weaknesses. Over the baseball bat has transformed from a wooden piece to accommodate new compositions such as metal and composite materials. Nonetheless, even with the advance of technology, the bat is still vulnerable to breakage and dents. So how do you maintain it to ensure it lasts for longer periods?

How to Care Your Softball Bats?

Always use baseballs

If you are a baseball enthusiast, avoid rubber dimple balls at all cost. Rubber dimple balls tend to damage the structure of the bat thereby weakening its construction. In no time, it will either break or dent.

Limit the bat to individual use

Always be selfish. Yes, I said it be selfish with your bat. It is always prudent to limit your bat to yourself. People tend to care for their items since it means something to them. If you hand out your bat to other people, most will tend to use it for other things.

Avoid using the bat in less than 16 degrees Celsius

Even the perfect fastpitch softball bats in the market are not meant for play in cold weather. In cold weather typically less than 16 degrees Celsius, most bats change density. Upon this change, the bat becomes brittle which in turn increases its chances of denting and damaging. Also, low temperatures cause these balls to become harder. Hardened balls cause dents to the bat.

Avoid hitting waterlogged balls

Waterlogged balls tend to damage the composition of a bat by hardening, hence causing the bat to break. Some of the good slowpitch softball bats tend to have a metal barrel which doesn’t seem to be damaged by waterlogged balls.

Regularly check your bat for damage

To understand whether you are doing everything right, regularly check your bat. If a bat dents easily you need to be worried.

Store in an ideal environment

If you want your bat to last longer, then you need to store it in an ideal place. Always desist from storing a bat in extremely hot or cold environment. If you have many bats, then you need to consider storing it in a bat sleeve so that they don’t clash together.

Avoid hitting your bat on a cleat

Most players tend to hammer their bats on a cleat. Even though you get the dirt out, banging your bat on it will cause significant damage to the bat. If your cleat has a metal implant, then your bat is doomed to get damaged.

Difference between Softball and Baseball

To most, baseball is similar to softball but in truth, these two games are totally different. Although both sports involve the use of a pitcher, round ball, gloves, and a bat, the difference is detailed in the rules. The difference between these two sports arises in the pitching. For baseball, pitching will involve the pitcher standing at a high mold usually 9 feet high while in softball the pitcher stands on a flat mold. Also, a baseball has seven innings, unlike softball that has seven innings.


It’s true, bats go through strenuous activity to give an excellent performance, but with this comes the worry that it will damage easily. Though a bat’s damage is inevitable, there are several tricks that can help you prolong this issue. Firstly, you need to avoid playing softball and baseball during cold weather. Also, store your bats in an ideal environment while regularly checking them for signs of damage. Lastly, you need to avoid hammering your bat on a cleat. This will save you from having to buy a new bat.