5 Common Running Injuries

For some, running is a hobby, for others it’s something they have to do to stay healthy and fit. For whatever reason you run, you face the risk of going through injuries.

You must have heard of someone falling and injuring one of their body parts while playing their favorite sport, such as football, where running is mandatory. However you might not be aware of the name of injuries suffered due to these falls.

In this article we are going to discuss such injuries in detail. Let’s have a look at 5 common running injuries, also often called treating runner injuries as they are more common among runners:

1. Shin Splints

This type of injury is common among those people who like to run every day, mostly, athletes. This injury causes terrible pain at the front side of the lower leg because in this injury the shin bone tissues are torn due to excessive running and stress on the muscles. Icing on the area can reduce the pain which may take around a week to completely disappear.

2. Sprain

Sprains and strains around the ankle area are common among people who play football or any running sport. However, a sprain can occur to any person who is running.

A simple misstep can cause a sprain in the ankle and result in terrible pain when the person tries to walk.

Sprains usually occur due to excessive stress that causes the ligaments to tear apart. Taping and icing around the area can help reduce pain. They typically get fine within three to four days, but some rest is needed for sprains to heal.

3. Runner’s Knee

This injury is concerned with the kneecap. It is often referred to as patellofemoral syndrome and cause severe pain around the knee area and restricts you from bending or putting stress over your knees.

It can turn into a serious injury if proper care is not taken. Based on severity, you might be required to go for regular therapy sessions and rest for months before you’re allowed to exert physical pressure on your knee.

4. Fracture

A fracture is basically the breaking of a bone in the body. A fracture can be serious where the bone completely breaks, and needs to be surgically joined or mild, which is called a hairline fracture, which heal in a few weeks.

Fractures can be extremely painful and need proper care. A fracture can take months to fully heal, and even then you might never be able to perform certain tasks, i.e: run at full speed.

5. Iliotibial Band Syndrome

A knee injury that can cause severe pain and stops you from walking for a number of months. In this injury, the iliotibial band comes into continuous contact against the kneecap causing inflammation and produce terrible pain while walking or running.


These are 5 of the most common types of running injuries that can happen to runners and normal people as well. As healthy as running is, you should take the necessary precautions so that a health benefit doesn’t turn into a health hazard.