4 Things to Know Before Enrolling Your Child in a Taekwondo Class

There are many benefits to enrolling your child in a Taekwondo class. First, it allows them to get up and be physically active with a purpose, which will help them maintain a healthy physical routine and mindset. Second, it exposes them to situations that will teach them several positive values, such as the importance of discipline, teamwork, humility, and sportsmanship. Third, by encouraging improvement and facilitating confrontation in a safe and instructive environment, it will help them build confidence that will carry over into other areas of their life.

With all these benefits, it’s easy to see why Taekwondo classes in Perth for children are in such high demand. However, before you set out to find a Taekwondo class for your child, make sure to check out our list of things that you need to know when having your child attend a martial arts class in Perth.

Your child will be coming home with a few bruises now and then

While it’s true that Taekwondo is described as a full-contact martial art that focuses on punching and kicking, training in it is completely safe. This is particularly true for Taekwondo classes designed for children, as the instructors will be doing everything they can to ensure the safety of their students. 

That being said, expect your child to come home with a few bruises every now and then, especially during their first few sessions. Accidents can still happen, after all, and the striking techniques taught in Taekwondo do carry with them enough impact to hurt. As such, some bruising is completely normal. Serious injuries, fortunately enough, are very rare.

No parent wants their child to get hurt, and being concerned by the idea of your child experiencing pain is completely understandable. However, by getting their bumps and bruises alongside supportive peers and instructors, they’ll also learn resiliency. You can rest easy in the knowledge that—while they may be learning such a lesson much earlier than other kids—they’re doing so in a safe and controlled environment.

Your child will be made to practice Poomsae in their lessons

Poomsae means “patterns” in the Korean language. It refers to the sequence of forms, stances, and techniques that Taekwondo students learn and perform to improve their focus and discipline, as well as to get promoted to a higher rank of proficiency. Many other martial arts also feature similar techniques in their teachings.

Depending on the class that you enroll your child into, practicing Poomsae may be optional. We recommend that you allow your child to be trained in Poomsae even if they are given the option to refuse. This way, your child can really get the full Taekwondo experience. Moreso, you’ll also be letting them feel the sense of accomplishment whenever they finally master and memorize a particularly difficult Poomsae. This will help them build their self-confidence even more.

Your child will need Taekwondo gear to participate properly

Unlike other types of sports classes where your child can show up in track pants and a T-shirt, your child will need to wear proper gear to participate safely in a Taekwondo class. This includes the Taekwondo uniform and belt, as well as an ensemble of padded gear designed to protect key parts of the body. These include a helmet for the head, a vest for the torso, a pair of gloves for the hand, and so on. Without these, your child may not be allowed to participate in the class to prevent them from hurting themselves or others. As such, make sure that you purchase everything your child needs for their Taekwondo class. Check with the instructor or class staff on what exactly you need to buy if you’re not sure.

Your child will need your encouragement and support more than ever

Make no mistake, Taekwondo is a challenging martial art to practice and train in, both for children and adults. Therefore, there will be times when your child will come home discouraged, most likely because they failed to carry out a complicated Poomsae or another technique. It’s during times like these that your ability to provide encouragement and support as a parent will be needed. 

Be sure to give them your encouragement until they manage to overcome such challenges. Show your support by watching them practice and cheering them on whenever they have matches. Let them know that you take pride in their participation in this physically demanding martial art. Essentially, become a cheerleader for them. They’ll grow to love the sport even more as a result of your active interest in their Taekwondo training.

Taking Taekwondo classes is a great learning experience for any child

Do you want your child to grow up fit and healthy while also being better equipped to deal with what life might throw at them? If so, then enrolling them in a Taekwondo class may just be the right choice. Just keep the above reminders in mind so that you’ll know what to expect and what to do when your child begins their martial arts journey.