Pop classic ‘Come on Eileen’ named the ideal song to listen to at work

  • Research reveals top five songs to play to make employees work faster
  • Half of Brits admit music at work helps improve their productivity and work rate
  • The benefits of listening to music whilst you work revealed here

Dexys Midnight Runners has shaken off Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber to top the list of songs most likely to make Brits work faster, new research reveals.

With 20% of the nation admitting that they listen to music at work every day, Trade Direct Insurance wanted to find out what effect this is having on the work environment and the level of work employees can complete during working hours.

Research findings revealed that cranking up the volume on the radio or putting headphones on at your desk could soon be encouraged, as over half (53%) of Brits think they are more productive when listening to music at work.

But the positive effects don’t stop there.  Half of the nation admit that they think listening to music whilst on the job can make them work faster, potentially benefitting employers and businesses across the country.

The top five songs Brits said would make them work faster include:

  1. ‘Come on Eileen’ by Dexys Midnight Runners (19%)
  2. ‘Shake it off’ by Taylor Swift (14%)
  3. ‘Despacito’ by Luis Fonsi and Justin Bieber (12%)
  4. ‘Rolling in the deep’ by Adele (10%)
  5. ‘What do you mean?” by Justin Bieber (6%)

Full findings and images can be found here.

Aaron Surtees, Hypnotherapist and Owner of City Hypnosis commented: “Listening to music at work can have several benefits to improving your wellbeing at work. Music can increase productivity, concentration and lower stress levels, making you feel instantly more energised and happy.

“I recommend using headphones and setting up a work playlist that is proven to improve your mood. Headphones will cancel out any noise and disruption but will also not annoy your work mates, or leave you arguing over what to play.

“Music is also proven to help with overall mental wellbeing and tackles mental health issues. All people  in stressful jobs are at risk of suffering with their mental health, often leading to time off work and ongoing sickness. Listening to music that you recognise can help reduce this risk, and reduce levels of anxiety and depression. This means not only are you more productive and alert, but this will make you enjoy your job more, in turn making you better at it, meaning you will progress further.”

The research also identified the genre of music which could encourage the quickest work rate amongst employees. Pop came out on top, as a fifth of the nation said listening to that type of music would make them work faster, closely followed by Rock (18%) and Dance music (15%).

Andrew Marlow, sales and service manager at Trade Direct Insurance, commented: “Working alone on a worksite or sitting at your desk for eight hours a day can sometimes feel like a lifetime, but switching on the radio or putting your headphones in can help many concentrate and focus on the task ahead.

“It’s great to see that listening to their favourite songs is helping so many employees across the country become more productive and improve their work rate. These positive effects could potentially lead to stronger business perspectives and even an increase in returning customers.

“We want to encourage employers around the country to embrace these findings as it’s the overall business which will reap the rewards.”

To find out more about the research please visit: https://blog.tradedirectinsurance.co.uk/power-music-best-music-listen-site/