Philandering Facebooker busted for polygamy

Facebook has been known to kill a relationship or two. But could philandering on the social networking site get you prison time? For one Grand Rapids man, the answer is yes.

Richard Leon Barton Jr., 34, is a proud newlywed married in July. Although it sounds just peachy, there was just one problem: Barton was already married with a wife living in Rhode Island.

The Rhode Island woman was tipped off to her hubby’s fishy behavior when he suddenly defriended her on Facebook, police said.

In and out of jail for home invasion and uttering and publishing throughout the years, Barton and his then-wife discussed divorce, but never made it official. After one stint in jail, Barton fled Rhode Island never to return.

With her husband M.I.A., the Rhode Island woman took to Facebook for some light stalking, only to find her husband’s recent wedding photos – to another woman.

Charged with polygamy, Barton faces a potential 4-year maximum sentence.

Perhaps it’s time to brush up on those Facebook security preferences.

(Via Mlive)