On the planes and lungs of The Event

The Event has gotten a little more interesting.

A short time ago I discussed the failings of the show, and declared myself apathetic to its return for a second season. The geek hero’s story was tying in badly, a sort-of mysticism was being introduced, and the character of Martinez had become very difficult to like.

The ratings have continued to drop since the shows return from its winter hiatus, and its future is thusly still in question. There are four episodes left in the season which can be used to turn their ratings back up, but it doesn’t look hopeful.

Despite this, and perhaps a bit ironically, the show is finally starting to come into its real meat.

Answers are starting to come together, and characters are becoming compelling. This kind of stuff really should have happened around episode 3 or 4, but that’s how it goes.

Although doing so required a big device, Sofia has finally turned into the villain we all saw that she could be. She is ruthless, merciless, and deadly. She’s even a bit sympathetic, though that’s fading more with each episode.

Shawn’s Bauerian exploits are become more verisimilar, and his relationship with the ex-CIA girl is vastly more interesting than his interaction with the fiancé. Speaking of Leila, her conflict with Sofia, which has just really begun in the latest episode, might be one of the most interesting things to watch for. Who is Leila going to become now? Will she find a way to help the people of the world, or will she allow rage and vengeance to consume and rule her?

The story is still a bit twisty, and does take a lot of effort to really follow. Missing episodes would make it difficult to keep up, which is one reason ratings go down for a show like this: people miss one episode, and then it’s not worth going back to without that information. Luckily, this one is available on Hulu if anyone wants to catch up.

Hopefully, if nothing else, the writers have a plan for what to do when they don’t get picked up for a second season. They are in a rare place for a television show, and have a great opportunity. They have a solid contract for four more episodes, and while their ratings aren’t good enough to pick up another season, they are good enough to allow the remaining episodes to be aired.

This means they can really do it right with the final episodes, and make it a point to clear up the remaining story, tie off any loose ends, and make the show a neat, complete 22 episode package.

I may still not care whether or not the show gets a second season, but now that I’m 18 episodes into it, it would be nice to get an ending; something we miss out on all too often with Television sci-fi.