New spinoff series will center on Warehouse 13’s H.G. Wells

I’ll admit I was a bit sad when I realized that Warehouse 13 wasn’t going to do more with the Helena Wells character, but know we know why.

Jamie Murray will be reprising the role in a new series which will likely debut in the 2012 pilot season. If that’s not exciting enough: The show will be set in a Steampunk Victorian London.

This Alternate London is part of the alternate history of the Warehouse 13 story-world, the richness of which is one of the reasons that the show has gained such a following

The basic premise here will be procedural investigation, similar to the current series.

The first season, at least, will take place before H.G. joined Warehouse 12, when she was just going around with a stream machinist friend solving murder mysteries with her advanced scientific knowledge.

I would expect that her brother, Charles, will also be a regular character (as part of her conflict is getting her stories published with her brother’s face on them.

In addition, I would think to see a police chief (or Scotland Yard constable) and maybe her young daughter (depending on how close to H.G.’s bronzing they want to start the story.

Warehouse 13 (which is returning this fall for its third season with an altered cast) is the story of a secret warehouse, in which various magical artifacts from around the world are stored, and the agents whose job it is to hunt down those artifacts, and keep them out of the lives of civilians.

The story has frequently hinted at the idea of past Warehouses in other locations, with the Warehouse Regents moving the site of the very important artifacts as the politics and stability of the world change over the centuries.

There is a nice list of past Warehouses on the SyFy page for the show. This new series will likely (hopefully) spend at least some time exploring more of this mythology.