Audials Radio Android App-Review

Internet radios are appreciated by music fans all over the world. Basically, the Audials Radio application is the music software or tool that helps you to search, find and listen to the thousands of internet radios easily and freely. On top, Audials Radio also records all your favorite hits by cutting them automatically from the radio stream. The app is available as free as well as paid version. The Pro-Edition of Audials Radio offers you additionally to type in songs or musicians that you prefer, listen to their top songs and record everything you want in MP3. The music lovers and fans will be able to listen to radios, record and synchronize their favorite music just by a single application. In addition, this app offers you to access almost 100,000 internet radios and enjoy the music of different regions and countries. The Audials Radio Android App is available on Google Play Store for Android users.

Audials Radio App Review:

Whenever you go through the features, specs, benefits, functions and specific qualities of Audials Radio Android app, you will come across dozens of particular aspects. In fact, the review of this app will include qualities and features that inspire the music fans to download and enjoy the music by this wonderful internet radio app.

1- Easy Setting to Find Best Radio Stations:

Just a few months ago, users of Audials Radio App enjoyed almost 80,000 online radio stations with the simplest manual tuning or setting. However, now the music fans can listen to 100,000 radio stations from all over the world. The customized search will help you to find and listen to the favorite songs through this application.

2- Radio Recorder:

When you are listening to the music on a web radio with the Audials Radio app, then you will have an option to record the music you are listening to. For this, you need just to click on the option of “Record” and you will get your favorite music recorded.

3- Simple to Get US Radio Stations:

The US radio stations play the newest music that mostly becomes popular in our countries afterwards. Audials will help you to access and run all popular US radio stations including Hot 97, KTU, Lite FM, Now FM, Kiss FM, Fresh FM, Z-100, The Beta LA, Radio Caraibes and WAXQ-FM etc.

4- Faster Zapping of Radio Stations:

It always takes more time to search, refine and find the best web radio stations. However, if you use the Audials Radio app, then you will be able to zap between the top, leading and more popular web radio stations just in seconds.

5- Specific Radio Streaming:

Audials is also increasingly becoming popular and interesting as it offers you thousands of podcasts. It generally provides you more than 100,000 podcasts.

6- Wireless Connectivity:

Audials stays with you regardless where you are. In fact, you can connect this app with the internet on your Smartphone and start enjoying the music everywhere and anytime. A connection with Chromecast is possible as well.

7- Clock Radio Option:

The Audials Radio app is also more popular and trendier because it facilitates you to catch your favorite music programs. You can set an alarm for music programs on the web radios.

8- Advanced Equalizer:

The advanced equalizer helps the music fans to adjust and customize the sound amplification.

9- Additional Properties:

If you are using Audials Radio app on your smartphone, then you can easily work with Clouds. Secondly, it would be very simple for you to move your favorite music files from your device to SSD memory card or other external storage.