IDW to create crossover between Star Trek and DC universes

IDW has announced a Star Trek / Legion of Superheroes crossover at Comic-Con 2011 in San Diego, California.

The six issue line will follow the original crew of the Enterprise – which is odd considering IDW’s recent revelation that they would be producing a new comic line based on the new J.J. Abrams crew – as they fight alongside the Legion of Superheroes.

The crew of the Enterprise are intercepted as they are beaming down to a planet.

When they arrive, they discover they have been sent to a completely different universe along with the Legion of Superheroes, who are also not from this mysterious universe.

In this place much is changed, most importantly the United Federation of Planets from the Star Trek universe (and the United Planets of the DC universe) are here called the Imperial Planets of Terra, an oppressive galactic regime which seeks only to conquer and expand its own territory.

The adventure will be non-canon in both universes, but it’s still a strange seeming decision.

“Nothing like kicking off our first foray into the DC Universe with a story that spans dimensions and centuries,” said Chris Ryall, IDW’s Chief Creative Officer/Editor-in-Chief and the lead editor on this crossover.

“As a huge fan of both of these teams and the eras we’re playing with here, as well as an admirer of the talents involved with this tale, I couldn’t be happier””

It seems like they’re approaching this with a sense of humor, so perhaps it will be a fun read, if nothing more substantial.