Nintendo launches 3D video service in US

Nintendo has just launched a flagship 3D streaming video service on the 3DS.

The new downloadable app, called Nintendo Video, was already released in Japan, but now consumers in the US have access to streaming 3D video from the palm of their hands.

The localized version of Nintendo Video has short videos, including a 3D trailer for the upcoming film Captain America. The company plans to offer more movie trailers, as well as music videos, sports clips, and exclusive Nintendo content as the channel matures.

Earlier this month, Netflix was introduced to the 3DS, allowing users to watch all the thousands of TV show episodes and movies on the service with no additional fee, as long as they’re connected to a WiFi network.

However, the Netflix 3DS app doesn’t have any 3D videos available yet, even though the leading video streaming company says it does plan to roll out 3D content eventually.

In a press release announcing the new Nintendo Video service, the company said over the next few weeks, videos from OK Go and the Blue Man Group will be added, as well as viral video classics from the website College Humor.

Some of the content will be exclusive to the 3DS, or will at least only be available in 3D on the glasses-free handheld.

Nintendo doesn’t have a specific update plan in terms of when new content will be added, but says it plans to be very active in securing videos in the future.