How to Pimp Your Party

Almost every party you attend is a memorable experience, but a good party is the one that nobody forgets. If you are going to throw a party, no matter what the occasion, then it is worth trying to make it the best. It doesn’t always have to be a life changing event, like a graduation party or a wedding. Sometimes, you and your friends may just want to get together to have a great time and you need to do all that you can to make sure everyone remembers that day for a long time to come.

Here a few things that will make the difference:


Just like real estate, the location of a party can make all the difference. It is absolutely crucial that you decide on a great place to have your party. The beach is a classic, cheap and easy to impress with, but only for a casually dressed crowd. You can also go to a chalet or get a cabin in the woods and throw a themed party. A pool party is a cool idea for younger party goers, but the cleaning up after the party could be a problem and then there is the responsibility for the guests, drowning etc.

Party Bus

This may sound childish but if you do not find the ultimate location, then rent a party bus and make getting to an event the actual party. You can hire a bus for all kinds of crowds or occasions, from fun and dancing to a more elegant, caviar and champagne ambience.

A big advantage is that everything comes in a package and makes planning the budget a breeze.

Dance Floor

Whatever your party’s location may be, the fun is doubled when a dance floor is involved. All the party goers get excited when they hear that there will be a dance floor. Of course, it is ideal that you hire a DJ and a great sound system to have the best time you can, but, if you are on a budget, you can get one of your friends to bring in a sound system and then play your own playlist for everyone to wiggle to.


Games are pretty much the life of every big party. After you have danced and eaten enough, it is time to entertain the guests. It is nearly always better to think of some games than taking out the projector and start showing home videos or vacation pics.

What you play depends on your guests and the mood. You can totally play board games, they are insanely fun with people you enjoy hanging out with, but you can also play more “social” games like truth, dare, or a few fun drinking games like King Cups or Flip Cup .


Since we are talking about memorable parties, what better way is there to remember a party than photos. A photographer is important for the big events like wedding party or an office event.

Some people are happy with their own phone cameras, but professional photographers take professional photos, not wobbly, out of focus snapshots of the wrong people in the wrong situation. And all the pictures will be in one place and not scattered over tens of social media accounts and dozens of Whatsapp messages. Most important, you won’t have time to enjoy the party if you are busy taking pictures all the time.