Hobbit’s Thorin revealed

Last week, we got a new dwarf photo every few days from the upcoming Hobbit dilogy. The final one – depicting the leader of the other dozen dwarves – showed up a day or two ago.

Here are the first twelve all shopped together (poorly):

and, here is the new one, showing Richard Armitage as Thorin:

Interestingly, they chose not to give us a full-body shot of Thorin. If they had I’d have shopped you another one of the whole group with him in front.

The zoom does give us a chance to see a bit more detailing on the costume and props, however, which is rich and varietous. The designers for these films really put a lot of work into these dwarves, and I can’t wait to see how all of them play out on the big screen.

If you’re somehow not familiar with The Hobbit, it’s the story of how Bilbo found The One Ring, while adventuring with a band of dwarves who are attempting to free their kingdom, Erebor, from the tyranny of the dragon Smaug.

Bilbo, due to his size and agility, becomes instrumental to the success of the Dwarves’ quest. It wasn’t originally a prequel to Lord of the Rings, as it was written first, but the film is getting the prequel treatment, with small details (like Orlando Bloom) being inserted with, hopefully, some finesse.

The first of the two: An Unexpected Journey is slated to hit theaters for the 2012 Holiday season.