Zune shifts into high gear with 6 HD games

Microsoft has released six free games for the Zune HD. The titles – which are all free – include PGR: Ferrari Edition, Audiosurf Tilt, Lucky Lanes Bowling, Vans Sk8: Pool Service, Piano and Checkers.

The above-mentioned games have already received positive reviews from a number of bloggers and journalists, such as Brad Linder of Download Squad, ZDNet’s Matthew Miller and MobilitySite’s “Zealot.” ?

“The Tegra processor means the Zune HD can handle some pretty slick games and other applications,” wrote Linder.  “Up until now, that meant a few games, a calculator, and a weather application. [But] the new games are pretty slick and really help demonstrate the power of the Zune HD platform.”?

Matthew Miller of ZDNet expressed similar sentiments.

“All the games are FREE, with a short ad at start up,” reported Miller. “I don’t mind the ads if the games are good…The games are pretty dang good and game play is fluid. The 3D transitions and scenery in PGR are excellent and I see no pixelating going on.”

Finally, MobilitySite’s “Zealot” noted that he was “impressed” with the games, but cautioned against comparing Microsoft’s Zune to Apple’s iPhone or iPod Touch. 

“I wish to make clear that the people who are lining up to say ‘So you got 6 games on the Zune, how does that compare to the App Store with 100,000 programs for the iPod Touch?’ are still full of crap. It simply doesn’t, and was never meant to,” opined Zealot.

“At this point, the iPod Touch and the iPhone are all about their apps, it is what they are focused on, what they live and die by. For the Zune HD, the games and apps are pure gravy. This is a spectacular music and video device and the games that have been added complement those abilities.”

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