Yankees games get 3D TV overhaul

Yankees fans may want to just stay home and order in some peanuts and Cracker Jack for the next big game, as the team’s TV broadcasts are about to get much more realistic.

DirecTV has been working with the New York Yankees baseball team to set up production of 3D telecasts. The initial pilot programs will be for games between the Yankees and the Seattle Mariners, according to a report from FanHouse.com, a professional sports site owned by AOL.

The satellite provider has already reported that it plans to air the All-Star Game in 3D in July.

FanHouse.com says that DirecTV will be jointly producing the 3D broadcasts with the Yes Network, which owns the rights to all Yankees broadcasts in the New York City market.

DirecTV has fallen behind the cable companies in offering 3D broadcasts. While all major cable providers have already presented their first 3D programming – during the Masters golf tournament – DirecTV has yet to offer any 3D content.

However, it will make up for lost time by being the first to carry ESPN’s new 3D channel as well as at least 2 more dedicated 3D networks, by next month. That’s when the Yankees 3D broadcasts are expected to begin.