Bad sex life? Blame the iPhone!

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later! Yes, women are blaming their lack of sexual satisfaction on seemingly innocent devices such as the Blackberry and iPhone.

“Modern gadgets such as the Blackberry and iPhone are ruining (British) women’s sex lives because their husbands are too distracted in the bedroom,” reported the Telegraph.

“More than a quarter of women (28 per cent) claim that email and Internet are disrupting their love lives, with hand-held devices particularly to blame.”

But it isn’t just vibrating smartphones that British women single out for ruining their sex lives.

Other detrimental factors apparently include long working hours (cited by 55 per cent of women), exhaustion (83 per cent) and being too busy (74 per cent).


The survey – conducted by pharmaceutical firm Bayer – also found that British women have sex an average of 1.4 times a week. 

However, a shocking six in ten women between 25 and 34 say they desire a more active sex life.

In addition, fifty-one per cent of women believe they reach their sexual peak in their 30s, but (strangely enough) 66 per cent feel they had the most sex during their 20s.