Would you spend $250 on a Nintendo 3DS?

So if you had a spare $250, would you choose to spend it on a Nintendo 3DS? Yeah, $250 may be a tidy amount of cash, but less than $300 for a handheld 3D console really seems quite reasonable.

At least, that’s what Wedbush Morgan analyst extraordinaire Michael Pachter believes. 

“I’m impressed that they had the confidence to charge $249; I think that they’re going to regret it. It’s going to sell out and they’re leaving money on the table. I’m impressed that they’re this consumer friendly – that really matters,” Pachter told IndustryGamers during a recent interview.

“It’s not shareholder friendly, but consumers are going to love the $249 price point. [Sure], we can call bullsh*t on Reggie [Fils-Aime] a lot, but I actually agree with him.

“[Because] If you explain the feature set to most consumers, they would say $300 or more. So, $249 is a bargain, and I think this thing is going to be on eBay for $500 immediately.”

However, Pachter noted that the 3DS is likely to be “sold out forever,” especially during 2011.

“We’ll get like a million or 1.25 million, and so will Europe, and those will be gone in weeks,” he said.

“[So], let’s hope they can make 2 million a month and ship 800,000 a month to the U.S. so consumers have a prayer of getting one by Christmas.”