Duke Nukem Forever coming out in May

It took what seems like “forever” for the game to come out, but Duke Nukem Forever has finally been slated with a release window.

This game has perhaps more to live up to than any other video game ever. That’s because it was first announced in 1997, more than 13 years ago.

Despite it never actually seeing the light of day, those in charge of the franchise – which has changed hands since the 1990s – never officially canceled it.

Quite the opposite, actually. Every few years we’d get a meager little tease about it, but nothing would ever solidify. Many gamers had finally awoken to the realization that the game would simply never be released. It became one of the easiest punchlines for game jokes.

And then, last year, the unthinkable happened. Gearbox, the company that now owns Duke Nukem, announced Duke Nukem Forever would be coming out for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

And now we know when – early May of 2011. By the time it comes out, it will have been in development for 14 years. That’s more than any major console game in the history of the industry.

As one of the most storied and mythical games of all time, it certainly has a lot to live up to. Will it be able to satisfy fans who have been waiting nearly one and a half decades? We’ll soon know. After 14 years, another four months seems like nothing.