Wii too "last-gen" for Xbox 360 game ports

San Francisco (CA) – The creative director of Triumph Studio has claimed that the Wii is too “last-gen” for direct porting of Xbox 360 games.

“The key selling point for the Wii is the Wii controls,” Lennart Sas told OXM UK. “You should build your game round that. The weakness for the Wii is the graphical and processing technology, which is last-gen. So you have to custom tailor your game to best use of the Wii’s strengths, which is the Wii-mote. I don’t think you can do that with a direct port.”

According to Sas, Nintendo’s lack of graphic and processing technology prompted the studio to create a separate version of Overlord II for the Wii.

“That was our publisher’s decision to do that. And I think that it’s a good decision because I don’t think direct ports to the Wii work,” added Sas.

It should be noted that a number of Xbox 360 games, including Godfather, Guitar Hero and Harry Potter, have all been “shrunk down” to accommodate the Wii’s limitations.   

Nevertheless, upcoming “hard-core” titles – such as Grinder, Conduit and Gladiator AD – may help convince veteran gamers that the Wii is more than a family-oriented console. Indeed, the console has been frequently criticized for lacking an extensive selection of FPS, adventure and action games.