Windows 7 flying off the shelves four months before it appears

Redmond (WA) – Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 7 operating system won’t be available until October 22, but folks are already queuing to take advantage of big money savings for early orders.

Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade is selling on for $49, less than half its suggested retail price of $119. Windows 7 Professional is $99, rather than $199, with free shipping.

The discount program runs for the next couple of weeks and the pre-order Win 7 is currently Amazon’s most popular software product.

From today, all major PC makers are offering free upgrades to customers buying new PCs pre-installed with Vista when the new OS ships. The deals also apply in Europe, where users will be forced to do a clean install rather than a simple upgrade, due to EU antitrust rulings.

Microsoft told TG Daily that it is taking ‘all necessary steps’ to help European users upgrade as painlessly as possible.

“We know we have a job to do educating users about how to upgrade to Windows 7 via a clean install and will make sure that consumers have the relevant information so that they don’t lose their applications and data.

“Among other things, we are working with our retail partners now and over the next few months to make sure people have the necessary information.” 

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