What are the Different Categories of Games

The world of gaming holds an immense fascination for all the gaming enthusiasts. From thrilling action games to appealing makeover games, the gaming world has developed a number of categories with the development of new games. Gamers can enhance a large range of their strategically, aesthetic, responsive and motor skills by playing different kinds of online games. Here are the most common gaming categories which promise a thrilling gaming spree:


Action category is one of the most popular and most advanced gaming categories. Gamers are always in search for something which will not only help them in passing time but also make it fun for them. Action games such as Scary Maze Game enhance motor as well as mental skills of the users by putting them into such virtual situations which require proper planning and timely action in order to win various levels.


Mystery games can be regarded as Action games but they are different as they involve more degree of suspense and anticipation as compared to the thrill which is a core feature of Action games. You can solve mystery games to unlock unique prices and rewards by solving simple puzzles or complicated cases.


There will hardly be any true gaming fan who does not love adventure gaming category. Designed to enhance the improvisation and problem-solving skills of players, adventure games offer an opportunity to explore surreal places of the virtual gaming world. These games offer various awards and usually have cool avatars from which you can choose from.


Simulation gaming can be regarded as a parent of AR and VR gaming. A set of objects and characters is provided to the gamer. The gamer is placed in a specific gaming situation which requires real-life strategically and problem-solving skills in order to succeed. Social communication and interaction are major skills which are enhanced by these games. Simulation games also help in de elopement of introductory professional skills in the field of sports and medicine.


Puzzle gaming category is the favorite category for adults and kids which prefer simplistic gaming involving lesser amounts of thrill. Good for passing time and a proper chill-time, puzzle games offer different kinds of combinations which need to be solved in specific limitations. These games are especially good for kids as it enhances their visual, motor and auditory development.


Combat gaming category is the favorite of most of the teens of the current age. Filled with a plethora of shooting opportunities and teamwork, combat gaming enables a player to develop team spirit and alertness to tackle problematic situations. While this category seems to stimulate violence, combat games do quite the opposite of common beliefs.


Sports lover rejoices because of the growth of the sports gaming category. Whether you want to enjoy a thrilling football session with your international teammates or simply want to enjoy a game of tennis, sports category offers a large range of games based on each and every sports, following real-time sports rules.