Van Halen jumps on the Guitar Hero bandwagon?

Activision’s Guitar Hero Van Halen has hit stores shelves just a few days before the Christmas holiday.

The long-awaited game features 25 of Van Halen’s greatest hits, including “Jump,” “Panama” and three epic guitar solos.

Van Halen also boasts a star-studded set list headlined by a number of musicians such as Queen, Lenny Kravitz, Weezer, Foreigner, Queens of the Stone Age, The Offspring and Blink-182.

“Guitar Hero Van Halen offers music fans of all generations the chance to experience one of the most renowned and celebrated bands in the world in an entirely unique way,” explained company spokesperson Will Kassoy.

??”Eddie Van Halen is a guitar legend and this game will give Guitar Hero fans a new appreciation for his talents, while also providing hours of entertainment. With over 25 of Van Halen’s greatest hits, the set list crafted for Guitar Hero Van Halen is the perfect combination of high-energy rock that will appeal to a wide range of fans.”

??Guitar Hero Van Halen is currently available for the Xbox 360, PS2/PS3 and the Wii.

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