Unplugging: Screeching Weasels tell Ben Foster to kiss off

MXDWN is in with the latest in music news and it looks like the Screeching Weasel has come to a screeching halt. 

After some fisticuffs at the SXSW Spoon Inn, all the members of the Screeching Weasal sans the fighting frontman Ben Foster has penned a decidedly pensive and heartfelt letter to the public saying that Foster’s actions at the SXSW gig were “shameful and embarrassing” and that they felt “extremely deflated” and could not “force a performance.” 

Mercury records is kissing vinyl goodbye and blasting off for planet iTunes from now on, the, has officially announced that they will be staying on planet iTunes from now on – that means no more vinyl or CD releases.  What’s the deal? Sources say that digital copies are the future and CDs are now swiftly becoming the new 8-track.

In other news, Jack White and MC Black Milk have teamed up for a live LP recording. My guess is it’s going to be called “Jack Black – but with musical talent.” 

Even though Meg White is gone from the picture, that doesn’t mean White Stripes superstar and pasty-white savior of Rock, Jack White, is going to let up on the creative gas. 

On March 28th, Radiohead’s weepy creepy front-man Thom Yorke was seen doling out his existential and post-modern newspaper known as the “The Universal Sigh” on the streets of London. This is seen as a break from Thom’s normal routine, which is to hand out candy and sing whimsical tunes to babies in strollers. Their newly released album “The King of Limbs” was released on that same day. 

Oh no. Is this even news worthy? It looks like Willie Nelson has been arrested for marijuana possession for like the millionth time today. That’s the problem with living in Texas. The prosecutor in the case, Kit Bramblett, a lifelong fan of the pothead who also happens to be a musician, agreed to lessen the hefty and totally disproportional punishment of a $2000 fine and 180 days in jail to a more reasonable $100 fine and a private performance of “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” naked, in Kit’s living room. I’m kidding about the being naked, but it is a private performance. 

And finally, this year’s Soundset Hip-Hop Festival in Shakopee, Minnesota  will feature a lineup that’s longer than Willie Nelson’s list of pot dealers. Just kidding. But this list is huge. It’s got the big names like Big Boi and De La Soul and lesser known babies like Kid Cut Up and Espada. Tickets go on sale on April Fools. I’m not kidding.

Screeching Weasel Members Quit the Band: Looks like without all the hot air Ben was providing, the show can’t go on. But a one-man show hasn’t been ruled out, so we’ll see.  There’s no word yet on whether or not tickets will be refunded for the upcoming shows.

Mercury Records Goes Digital: Mercury Records, the label of musical Gods like The Killers, Arcade Fire and maybe U2 when they were good, has officially announced that they will no longer release physical copies of their music.

Black Milk and Jack White Collaborate: Jack White and MC Black Milk collaborate on  a live recording, to take place on April 8th at the Third Man’s Nashville facility.

Radiohead Presents the Universal Sigh: Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke was seen handing out a newspaper called “The Universal Sigh” on the streets of London on the day “The King of Limbs” came out.

Willie Nelson Sings His Way Out of Jail: Willie Nelson sang his way to a reduced sentence after being arrested for marijuana possession – again.

2011 Soundset Lineup Announced: The Soundset Hip-Hop Festival in Shakopee, Minnesota has announced their lineup, featuring the likes of Big Boi and De La Soul.

MXDWN: Michelle Rick, additional reporting by David Karimi