Uber-cool power laces take us Back to the Future

Remember those uber-cool power laces that Marty McFly wore in Back to the Future II?

Well, a San Francisco geekette named Blake Bevin has managed to design a fully-functioning, auto-lacing shoe – complete with servos, battery and an Arduino micro-controller.

“Inspired by ‘Back to The Future II’, this project is less ‘practical’ than ‘proof of concept’, but hopefully it’ll tide you over until Nike comes out with something more polished,” explained Blevins.


“Operation is quite simple: step into the shoe and a force sensor reads the pressure of your foot and activates two servo motors, which apply tension to the laces, tightening the shoe. A touch switch reverses the servos.”

Want to build you own auto-lacing shoe? Intrepid inventors can find detailed instructions here.