Twitter locks out unsuspecting users

Twitter is warning users not to change their passwords, email address or user names for the time being, after complaints that users are being locked out.

Tweeters have reported error messages saying ‘Wrong user name/email and password combination’ or ‘Sorry, we couldn’t verify that this user requested a password reset.’

The problem has been cropping up intermittently all week. “I’ve been having the same problem for several days.  At first, my password was not recognized, I set a new password, got on to Twitter but the next time I tried to log on the new password was not recognized,” said one user. “I began asking for the ‘re-set your password’ email, that worked for a while, re-setting my password every time I wanted to get on Twitter.  Now when I request the re-set email I get a message that says Oh snap! We can’t find you.”
The company says the problem is affecting new users as well as long-term customers.

“We do not advise changing your user name, email address, or password at this time,” says Twitter, which is scratching its head for a solution. “We think this might be a cache issue on our end.”

It advises that, if users do manage to get in, that they should try to stay logged in for a couple of hours and avoid third party applications.