TRON inspired concept Mercedes Benz FTW

There’s nothing sicker than a sleek black Mercedes. OK, maybe the only thing would be a slick black TRON inspired Mercedes. At least, that’s the idea behind Peter Vardai’s new Mercedes inspired Blackbird concept car.

The Benz takes elements from airplanes, focusing on speed and movement with details inspired by the TRON legacy.

Maybe in the next movie the TRON crew can upgrade the lightcycle and trade it in for a badass Benz.

The concept car was announced at the same time as the new Mercedes Hybrid, a neon-colored vehicle called the SLS AMG E-Cell.

AMG, a company specializing in gas engines is hoping to partner with the car conglomerate to create a hybrid version involving electric motors.

Herbert Kohler, future mobility and advanced engineering department head has stated that “AMG vehicles in the coming years will be available as hybrids. 

The AMG family will still be about performance, but – like every other automaker under the sun – fuel consumption is a constant part of engineering discussions going forward”.

Currently, Audi, Porsche, and BMW all have hybrid options, but this marks the beginning of the high-performance Mercedes sports hybrids to be released in the luxury market.

Now if only we could get a TRON inspired hybrid car with renewable light sources emitted from the wheels.

THAT would be what I call sick.

(Via UberGizmo)