Official 3DS deets: March 27, $250

Nintendo has finally announced the North American release details of the new 3DS handheld system, and confirmed it will be priced at $250 when it comes out on March 27.

The $250 price point had been floating around for a while, but no one had a clue on the exact release date. In fact, some were speculating a launch of some time in April.

At $250, it becomes the most expensive handheld system Nintendo has ever launched, not taking inflation into account. It’s even priced higher than the ill-fated Virtual Boy, which many say flopped due to an inflated price point.

Nevertheless, Nintendo has attracted a lot of attention with the 3DS. It is the first major mass-market product to incorporate autostereoscopic 3D technology. That means it can trick the user’s eyes into thinking the image on the flat screen has depth, but without the need for special glasses. The technology is built into the display itself, incorporating thousands of tiny mirrors to create the illusion of depth.

Also revealed were the launch games that will be released alongside the 3DS on March 27. Here’s that list:

– Pilotwings Resort

– Madden NFL

– Dead or Alive

– Super Street Fighter IV

– Nintendogs + Cats

– Steeldiver

That may or not be a complete lineup, but Nintendo did also confirm that 30 titles will be available for the device by early June.

Also launching with the 3DS is a digital download store that meets one of Nintendo fans’ biggest wishes – the ability to buy and play classic Game Boy and Game Boy Color games.

Because the 3DS is all about seeing to believe, Nintendo will be shipping out thousands of sample units to stores so players can see what the glasses-free 3D experience is like for themselves. Those units will be hitting stores shortly before March 27 so everyone can get all pumped up for when D-day hits. [[Nintendo]]