This Wampa rug really helps tie the room together

Well, hey now! Is this not the coolest Star Wars Wampa rug you ever feasted your eyes on?

Unfortunately, the amazingly sexy Alderranian Princess Leia is only modeling the rug, and won’t be riding a bloodthirsty Wampa into your living room anytime soon.

Still, one can always hope, right?

And if the feisty Princess Leia Organa (Skywalker) Solo isn’t your type, then how about considering this authentic looking Bespin Backpack?

Yes, this is the very same backpack that the furry Chewbacca carried C-3PO in after the prissy droid was blown apart by overly-aggressive stormtroopers rampaging through Lando Calrissian’s Cloud City.

Now, this C-3PO replica features cool, light-up flickering eyes, along with a strategically placed “torso” storage compartment for all your electronics goodies.

The backpack – priced at $60 – is made from a high quality golden leatherette material, and comes with all appendages that can be easily assembled into a complete droid measuring over 3 feet (40″) tall. 

The $100 Wampa Rug is manufactured out of high-quality synthetic fur, has a plush pillow head, vinyl claws, and measures 62″ long x 30″ wide.

The rug can be purcased here, and the backpack here.